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A Busy Week; BSMPG Part 2 Coming Soon….

Filed under: Uncategorized — Shon @ 4:39 am June 28, 2011

Thanks for those of you who took time to read my BSMPG review;  your feedback was great.  Part 2 is coming, but with a crazy week in the clinic covering staff vacations, starting new group strength training classes and visiting off-site accounts, I didn't have much time for serious writing.  Part 2 will be posted ASAP. 

With the busy week my training time was curtailed significantly as well. However, with great weather in southeastern PA this past Saturday, I couldn't help myself and went sprinting after an almost 4 week hiatus.  Here are a few clips from that session (the Bloggie camera is a great tool; I highly recommend it in lieu of the Flip).

Sprint Preperation

I have found as an older sprinter, making use of a jump rope for simple plyometric activation prior to a max sprint effort makes great sense.  A 1-15 second interval works really well for "dynamic stiffness" preparation prior to a sprint.

Sprint at 90% effort

Here is my first repetition in spikes after a progressive 45 minute warm up/ build up.  I eventually performed 4 more of these, slightly faster, some from a 3 point start.   

Pullover/ Muscle Up Combo

After coming off the track, we finished with a few sets in the weight room.  I like the muscle up; if you think about it, it is the "reverse" of a shoulder width hang snatch; I added the pullover to get into position for the muscle up and take advantage of my stretch- shortening cycle.

I continue to feel this session even as I write this today.  It tapped into my recovery reserves more than I thought it would, but it was easily the most fun I had all week.