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Why Case Studies?

Filed under: Random — Shon @ 11:53 am January 27, 2011

Welcome to my first blog post! After encouragement from several well known friends in the profession, I'm moving forward by presenting some interesting cases I have seen over the past 22 years in athletic training, physical therapy as well as strength & conditioning settings.

Why case studies? If I really think about what I have done on a daily basis from the late 1980's through the present day, it is to see patients, clients and athletes and help them with problems related to mobility, strength, function, pain and the impact of these factors in their lives.

The way I practice today has been influenced by my experiences both personally and professionally in the fields mentioned above, as well as many years training myself independantly. Outcomes I have had with patients and clients are where "the rubber meets the road".

Conservatively, I have evaluated over 7,500 individuals in the past 20 years, performed at least 100,000 tests of strength, mobility and function with these people, and had the pleasure of leading them through the process of recovery where mobility is restored, strength is gained, and increased function (relative to each person's unique set of needs and circumstances) is regained. Of course, not everyone gets better, so failures as well as sucesses will be discussed and dissected.

Among the most important elements throughout the cases discussed will be the critical thought processes I used, based on my unique training and experiences, as well as based on the best available research and evidence.

My intent is to provide great content to physical therapists, strength and conditioning professionals, as well as to people suffering with mobility, strength and pain impairments, opening up additional dialogue, problem solving, and subjects for further research.