Shon Grosse is a one of a kind strength and conditioning coach that takes a comprehensive approach to training athletes. I came to Shon after my career as long snapper at Penn State University looking to build strength and increase my overall level of fitness in an effort to reach the NFL as a long snapper. I initially had no interest from the NFL, but after training with Shon I was signed by an NFL team. I felt that I was one of the most well trained athletes on the team and my strength and performance on the field showcased that. Shon’s training was an integral part in helping me reach the level that I did. I would recommend Shon to anyone that is looking for a serious strength coach to help them elevate their strength, power and fitness to the highest level. Chris Mauriello – Former Penn State and NFL long snapper

Shon is one of my go-to guys when I need a second set of eyes or ears. My favorite aspect about Shon is his versatility. He's extremely well-versed in strength training theory, he trains himself and other athletes so he really understands the practical side; he's incredibly well-versed in physical therapy theory, and he sees tons of patients on a daily basis so his brain is always creating practical solutions. In addition, Shon is a hell-of-a-guy. He's genuine, sincere, and passionate about fitness. Bret Contreras, The Glute Guy –

Shon is among the most ambitious and creative coaches I've met in all my years in the fitness industry. Any question I ask, chances are good he has an answer I wouldn't have come up with on my own.
Lou Schuler – Award Winning Fitness Journalist and Author

Shon’s expertise and patience have allowed me to live a pain free, active life, and for that I will always be grateful. I’ve come to think of Shon as a magician who has a bag of tools that make a difference and change people’s lives. Ann Pryce-Martin

Shon is the type of high energy, innovative and creative therapist that I am glad to have in my expanded network of nationwide professionals. I can say without hesitation that he gets it all around. He’s sharp, intense and wild about what he does. Having seen Shon perform in his clinic firsthand, his passion and intelligence are contagious, both among his patients and staff. Everyone I’ve referred to Shon has let me know that they have had a fantastic outcome; that’s why he is always at the top of my short list for go to physical therapists. Eric Cressey, M.S., C.S.C.S. Owner, Cressey Performance –

I injured my right shoulder surfing this past winter. Having been through surgery with my left shoulder twice that kept me out of the water for years I knew I needed to take things seriously. After some research I decided to drive 3 hours one way to see Shon because in the past I had spent countless hours in Physical Therapy, and the results were poor. I ended up making multiple appointments after which I was paddling better and stronger than before. In only a couple months I went from wearing a sling and having no strength or motion to surfing stronger and avoided surgery. Shon really knows what he's doing and I had a great experience and great results. Kyle Collins – Lewes Delaware

I’d like to take the time to thank you for your wonderful job you did with me in therapy. I must say my expectations were low after my past experience at a different clinic as well as with my physician’s prognosis. You listened to my history, talked with the doctor, and preceded with caution. The approach you took to my therapy was refreshing and encouraging. The pace was apparently just right for me. You asked my goal- to coach again. I achieved that goal during the summer season, even though I didn’t expect to be ready until winter season. Dr. Hurley was amazed and certainly happy. Not only am I coaching, but am back to my yoga and Pilates routine. Sue McDonald – North Penn High School Diving Coach

As a coach, parent, and patient, I have highly valued Shon’s expertise, skill and help in the recovery of my football players, my own children as well as myself over the past 20 years. Shon has gotten my players back on the field, made them stronger and faster, and has been an overall asset to me and my staff.Jim Algeo, Head Football Coach, Lansdale Catholic High School – National High School Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee

I have had the pleasure of working with Shon Grosse in the past few months. Shon’s knowledge and expertise has helped me in both the clinical setting and in my own personal training. In the clinic, Shon has quickly helped me improve my hip mobility and fix postural issues I had for many years, at the same time alleviating my low back pain.

Shon has also helped me outside of the clinic with meeting my goals in strength training. Utilizing Shon’s advice and guidance has allowed me to make significant gains in my lifts in the past 18 weeks, way more than I have made in the past few years. In four and a half months, I was able to take my max deadlift from 320 up to 405 at a body weight of 185. I also put 45 pounds on my max bench, 50 pounds on my max front squat, and 25 pounds on my max overhead press. Brian Koons

As a competitive athlete, certified fitness professional as well as health care practitioner, I get to call it as I see it when it comes to great training and conditioning. Shon and his staff are experts in creating an atmosphere of competition and bonding when training young athletes. They keep physical challenges high with unconventional drills that improve speed, strength and power. Also, as a mom who tends to worry, I always feel my son is safe in his training with Shon as well, which is even more important to me. Sheri Thomas Hockman, PTA, RKC Level 1, BJJ Brown Belt

Shon does a fantastic job training young athletes; I have seen it myself over the past year. The best part-my young athletes love every minute of it. As a Pop Warner Football and travel basketball coach, I am absolutely amazed how much quicker, faster and stronger my kids have become. Shon has it down when it comes to pushing kids hard and making it fun as well. I look forward to training with Shon for years to come!
Gary Elias – CBAA Travel Basketball Coach and Lenape Valley Football Coach

"I wish I had Shon as a mentor in my formative competitive years, as I know he could have taken me to a different level-and I have been coached by some of the most well known and knowledgable coaches in the country. His way of thinking combined with his enthusiasm and personality is just something you have to experience firsthand. My two young sons will certainly be the beneficiaries of his knowledge in the future-I trust him that much." Shane Pratt – Five Time Pennsylvania State High School Champion Inductee, Pennsylvania High School Track and Field Hall of Fam



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