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Six Words Or Less: Powerful Questions For The Clinician and Coach

Up until recently, I never gave significant thought to the kinds of questions I was casually asking my patients and athletes on a daily basis.  Stream of consciousness pretty much rules the day when I am working with my people, and my communication style remains conversational, open, positive, and free flowing.  My only steadfast rule in casual patient/ client communication is my […]

Anatomy Trains and Acupuncture Channels

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Neil Mathews, M.D., an excellent general practitioner who is an out of the box thinker with regard to traditional Western Medicine.  He has a burgeoning acupuncture practice and came to visit the clinic to talk shop as well as demonstrate a few acupuncture techniques. Before we got started, I spent […]

Two Awesome Continuing Education Opportunities

As I enter my twenty fourth year of professional practice, continuing education has lost some of the shine it used to have for me.  While it used to be fun to travel all over for weekend seminars and short courses, family and business commitments have taken the forefront of my life (my son turns 13 […]

Advanced Core Stability: One Arm RKC Plank

I love the RKC plank ever since learning about it several months ago from my friend Bret Contreras. It's simple to teach, difficult to perform and satisfying in the feel of whole body muscular activation you get with it.  It's one of the only "floor" exercises that gives you the sensation of intense whole body contraction similar to gymnastics […]

Sucessful Group Coaching: Squat Edition

Many of you know that  I recently started as the strength coach for a pretty good football team here in Pennsylvania.  The group is fantastic; they show up consistently, do what is asked by me, ask really good  questions, and make great progress every week.    Last week during training, I had one of those moments, where I noticed […]

“Micro Cases”: Random Patient Stories and Videos From The Clinic

As a physical therapist, the patients I see vary significantly in mobility, strength, and activity level.  This being the case, the challenges in treating them are all unique, based on their impairments (mobility, strength, and pain) as well as their functional level and activities they wish to return to. Below are a few videos of recent […]

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